Welcome to Ganes Herbal Centre - a website about complete details of Siddha Ayurveda, Diagnosis and Treatments according to principles of Siddha and Ayurveda. First of all I would like to introduce my self so you can know little about me and my background. I was born in Kedah (Malaysia), a traditional Siddha Ayurvedic Vaithiyar family. My family heritages of last four generations are well experienced. My uncle Dr.R.Vellumani taught me how to diagnose and treat the patients in truly practical way. I learnt Pulse Examine method from my uncle. Studying and working under my uncle I trained to live Siddha Ayurveda in such a practical way.

Today the world has come closes and closes Internet is very useful media to go with people around the world. So I have decided to start Ganes Herbal Centre an online Siddha Ayurvedic diagnose and treatment center based on traditional medicine Principles.

I hope this will helps you to cure your chronic diseases from Natural and holistic healing system. You can get this service from your home and you will be free from your chronic diseases. Enjoy looking Ganes Herbal Centre and feel to e-mail me if you have any questions or feedback this site

I am practicing in Johor as mentioned address for the past 9 years. My experience in this field is more than 20 years.


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